Wednesday, April 27, 2011

KOCHI ship sinks without a trace as there are 6 ducks on the deck

 Deccan Chargers beat  Kochi Tuskers on their home ground by  55 runs.   Kochi batsmen surrendered meekly while chasing a modest target of 130.   They were bundled out for 74 in 16.3 overs. There were 6 ducks in the Kochi innings.


Deccan Chargers129-7 (20)RunsBalls4s6sSR
S Sohallbw b RP Singh140025.00
S Dhawanc Gomez b RP Singh490044.44
B Chiplic Sreesanth b Vinay4100040.00
*K Sangakkarac Patel b Vinay6547100138.30
C Whitec Jayawardene b Vinay31342191.18
D Christianb Perera9110081.82
R Tejanot out8510160.00
A Mishrarun out (Perera)01000.00
M Gonynot out01000.00
D Steyn
I Sharma
Extras: 7 b:1 lb:1 nb:2 w:3
Total: 129-7 (20) | Curr. RR: 6.45
FOW:S Sohal (3-1, 1), S Dhawan (6-2, 2.2),, B Chipli (20-3, 5.2), C White (110-4, 16.5), *K Sangakkara (110-5, 17), D Christian (127-6, 19.3), A Mishra (127-7, 19.4)

Kochi Tuskers KeralaOMRWNbWdRPO
RP Singh40212025.25
S Sreesanth41220215.50
Vinay Kumar40253006.25
T Perera40301007.50
R Gomez1040004.00
R Jadeja30250008.33
Kochi Tuskers Kerala team: RP Singh, S Sreesanth, Vinay Kumar, T Perera, R Gomez, R Jadeja, B Hodge, K Jadhav, *M Jayawardene, B McCullum, P Patel


Kochi Tuskers Kerala74-10 (16.3)RunsBalls4s6sSR
B McCullumc Sangakkara b Steyn04000.00
*M Jayawardenec Sangakkara b Sharma481050.00
P Patelc Sangakkara b Sharma03000.00
R Gomezb Sharma01000.00
B Hodgeb Sharma02000.00
K Jadhavlbw b Sharma02000.00
R Jadejac Christian b Mishra23352065.71
T Pererac White b Gony22234095.65
Vinay Kumarb Steyn18192094.74
S Sreesanthnot out01000.00
RP Singhb Steyn01000.00
Extras: 7 b:0 lb:3 nb:0 w:4
Total: 74-10 (16.3) | Curr. RR: 4.48
FOW:B McCullum (0-1, 0.4), P Patel (1-2, 1.2), R Gomez (1-3, 1.3), B Hodge (2-4, 1.5), K Jadhav (6-5, 3.1), *M Jayawardene (11-6, 4), T Perera (47-7, 10.4), R Jadeja (73-8, 15.4), Vinay Kumar (74-9, 16.2), RP Singh (74-10, 16.3)

Deccan ChargersOMRWNbWdRPO
D Steyn3.31163024.57
I Sharma30125014.00
D Christian30120014.00
M Gony30191006.33
A Mishra40121003.00

Deccan Chargers team: D Steyn, I Sharma, D Christian, M Gony, A Mishra, R Teja, C White, S Dhawan, S Sohal, B Chipli, *K Sangakkara
Powerplay: 1: 1-6 ovs
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