Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mumbai beat Chennai by eight runs

 Mumbai beat Chennai by eight runs in theirIPL match at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Friday.
Rohit Sharma scored a blistering 87 from 48 balls. Man of the match  Harbhajan Singh took 5 wickets.

Indian Premier League - 25th match
Mumbai Indians won by 8 runs
Mumbai Indians innings (20 overs maximum)RB4s6sSR
View dismissalR Sathishc Anirudha b Morkel07000.00
View dismissalSR Tendulkar*c Hussey b Bollinger581062.50
View dismissalAT Rayudust †Dhoni b Randiv27294093.10
View dismissalRG Sharmac Hussey b Bollinger874885181.25
A Symondsnot out312612119.23
KA Pollardnot out02000.00
Extras(b 1, lb 1, w 12)14
Total(4 wickets; 20 overs)164(8.20 runs per over)
Did not bat JEC FranklinHarbhajan SinghAN AhmedMM PatelSL Malinga
Fall of wickets1-9 (Sathish, 2.1 ov)2-13 (Tendulkar, 3.4 ov)3-74 (Rayudu, 11.1 ov)4-161 (Sharma, 19.2 ov)
View wicketJA Morkel411914.75
View wicketsDE Bollinger403027.50(2w)
Joginder Sharma3034011.33(2w)
R Ashwin402606.50(1w)
View wicketS Randiv3031110.33(3w)
SK Raina2022011.00
Chennai Super Kings innings (target: 165 runs from 20 overs)RB4s6sSR
View dismissalMEK Husseyc Pollard b Malinga413360124.24
View dismissalM Vijayc Sharma b Patel12911133.33
View dismissalSK Rainac & b Harbhajan Singh5410125.00
S Badrinathnot out714872147.91
View dismissalMS Dhoni*†c Sharma b Pollard360050.00
View dismissalS Anirudhac Sathish b Harbhajan Singh9901100.00
View dismissalJA Morkelb Harbhajan Singh340075.00
View dismissalR Ashwinc Pollard b Harbhajan Singh02000.00
View dismissalJoginder Sharmac & b Harbhajan Singh01000.00
View dismissalS Randivc Sathish b Malinga240050.00
DE Bollingernot out01000.00
Extras(lb 1, w 8, nb 1)10
Total(9 wickets; 20 overs)156(7.80 runs per over)
Fall of wickets1-31 (Vijay, 3.4 ov)2-38 (Raina, 4.5 ov)3-98 (Hussey, 11.2 ov)4-101 (Dhoni, 12.2 ov),5-123 (Anirudha, 15.6 ov)6-136 (Morkel, 17.2 ov)7-136 (Ashwin, 17.4 ov)8-137 (Joginder Sharma, 17.6 ov),9-140 (Randiv, 18.5 ov)

View wicketMM Patel4040110.00(1w)
View wicketsSL Malinga402025.00(3w)
AN Ahmed201909.50(1w)
View wicketsHarbhajan Singh401854.50(1w)
RG Sharma1015015.00
View wicketKA Pollard403017.50(1nb, 2w)
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